Underrated Joey Wendle

Most casual fans have no idea who Joey Wendle is or what team he plays for and most hardcore MLB fans think of him as just an average middle infielder. I believe Joey Wendle deserves more respect across the league because of his great versatility, work ethic, and consistency.

Last season Wendle’s season was plagued with injuries, but he has been on a mission this year to prove he is one of the better infielders in the American League. Currently, Joey Wendle is hitting .301 and he is on a 10-game hitting streak. During those 10 games, Wendle is hitting .333 with 12 hits. Joey’s power numbers are low as he just hit his 2nd HR of the year to lead off yesterday’s game in Miami. Although, his .356 OBP speaks for itself and shows how much he has helped the first place Rays.

Wendle shows his versatility in the field as he has played 15 games at 3B, 14 games at 2B, and 6 games at SS to give Adames some rest. Wendle has made only 4 errors this season (all at 3B). This is impressive as he has played most of his games at that position. For his career, Wendle has a .983 fielding percentage and he shows year in and year out why he needs to be a more appreciated player.



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