Why the Chris Archer signing is a great move

In 2015, Chris Archer recorded a 3.23 ERA and finished the season with 252 strikeouts which was 4th most in the MLB. 3 years later, Archer was dealt to Pittsburgh for Austin Meadows, Tyler Glasnow, and Shane Baz. This trade ended up being a huge victory for the Rays as Archer struggled with the Pirates and Meadows and Glasnow became stars in Tampa. The Pirates were never able to get the most of Glasnow, but the Rays did it seamlessly. I firmly believe that the success Archer had in his last go-around with the Rays can be reciprocated because the pitching management and development in Tampa is far and away better than that of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Therefore, as a Rays fan, you should be very optimistic about the potential we can still possibly get out of the 32-year old right-hander.

As of right now, the starting rotation looks like Tyler Glasnow, Luis Patino, Ryan Yarbrough, Chris Archer, and Michael Wacha. Josh Fleming and Brendan McKay are other options for starting or bulk roles. I’m personally excited about the depth and talent in this rotation, but I think if the Rays could sign one more SP like James Paxton or Luis Castillo, it could make our staff just as good if not better than last year’s pitching staff.



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