Remember The Name: Joseph Patrick Wendle

Joseph Patrick Wendle, better known as, Joey Wendle is off to an incredible start this season, and the only people surprised are fans of opposing teams. Rays fans know what to expect from Wendle, as he’s been a consistent staple in the Rays offense for the last 3 seasons. That being said, Wendle remains one of the most under-the-radar players in the MLB because of his calm, blue-collar demeanor. He’s not going to try to be flashy and he won’t flip the bat, but he’ll pour his heart out on the field every single game to help his team win.

So far in 2021, Joey has slashed .365/.388/.619 while playing the majority of the games all around the infield. Let’s compare these numbers to the “big-name” AL competitors. Arguably the best hitter in the AL East, DJ Lemahieu, is hitting .277 with a dismal .385 slugging percentage. The Yankees infielder will almost certainly end the season with great numbers, but this comparison just shows how “forgotten” Joey Wendle is across the league.

I definitely believe that Wendle deserves much more respect than he’s been shown throughout his career. However it seems that he enjoys the lack of spotlight and underdog mindset because it makes him work that much harder.


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