Josh Lowe Projections

We all expected to see the young OF Josh Lowe in the Big Leagues at some point this season, but due to the loss of Austin Meadows, it happened a little sooner than anticipated. Lowe will begin the 2022 season in a Rays uniform. We can’t rely on him for the production that Meadows gave us offensively, but I think he’ll give us the little push that we need in this tough AL East division.

Josh Lowe is the brother of former Rays INF, Nate Lowe. They are both rather large individuals as Josh stands at 6’4, 205 lbs. That size and strength definitely opens your eyes, but what if I told he’s also speedy and agile. Josh Lowe is a manager’s dream from the athletic standpoint which gives him a great advantage on defense. Lowe has an above-average arm and solid OF skills that will help improve our already deep outfield. Lowe’s offensive stats in the minors have progressively improved over his 5-season career. He’s turning into the hitter that he has the potential to become and he could still get so much better. He hit .327 in 15 games in the 2019 Arizona Fall League. Due to Covid in 2020, he was forced to sit out a season, but I have a feeling he kept up with his great work ethic. His 2021 year with the Durham Bulls impressed the Rays’ front office as he slashed .291/.381/.535 with 22 homers and 26 stolen bases. His amazing ability to hit consistently, for power, AND steal bags will make him a threat at any level.

I believe the Rays made a good decision in giving Josh Lowe a significant opportunity this season. He’s a generational talent and it’s time for the world to see him play. So without further ado, I’ll make my J-Lowe 2022 stats predictions:

115 games

.248 BA

.354 OBP

14 HRs

63 RBIs

12 SBs


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